Strograss is the project of five young Belgian musicians coming from different musical horizons, but all equally passionate about roots music and songwriting. They combine influences from bluegrass, folk and pop in catchy songs, often about contemporary social issues. Together with intriguing lyrics and compositions this also results in a unique sound, a traditional bluegrass line-up combined with accordion and elaborate vocals giving each song a rich and fascinating soundscape.

This gives Strograss a specific place in the new generation of roots music artists - think of Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek - which also explains why they won a number of Belgian folk music awards. 
"The musicians of Strograss must have had a serious dose of bluegrassamine' en 'folkizyme' when they were a baby. They succeed in combining influences from traditional roots music (folk, world, country) with fresh arrangements and lyrics about contemporary social issues."
– Folk magazine
The band also quickly built up a solid live reputation and was selected as one of the Belgian acts for the European World of Bluegrass Festival 2017. Brother Earth is their second full album which builds further on their well-received debut 'The World is one Big Hill' (2013).

Their stories take the listener on a trip along the horizons of human happiness and tragedy. Often they translate the band members’ views on contemporary society - war and refugees, consumerism, the obsession with virtual reality - or on historical events such as Nelson Mandela's liberation. Other songs are more personally inspired and are a slice of life, but always with universal scope.
Barbara Ardenois - accordion / harmony vocals
Lotte Remmen - violin / harmony vocals
Joachim Wannyn - banjo / lead & harmony vocals
Johannes Wannyn - guitar / lead & harmony vocals
Quinten De Vlaeminck - double bass / harmony vocals